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Learn How Targeted Email Lists are Boosting Email Marketing Response for Companies in 2021
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Support your Marketing Campaigns with Targeted Email Lists that Can Generate High ROI

The year 2020 was quite challenging and taught us to deal with the unexpected. The global pandemic now has opened up new scopes for the growth of B2B email marketing. The widespread pandemic has led to the emergence of a new digital reality for both buyers and sellers. The research in the relevant field claims that B2B decision-makers have accepted the new normal as quite an effective strategy for marketing and has improved the overall revenue rates.


  • The various study reports state that personalization of mails can generate $20 in ROI for every $1 invested. 
  •  Email subject lines, if addressed with the recipient's first name, increases the opening rate by 16%. The buying decision of 50.7% of customers are directed by marketing and advertising emails
  • The pandemic has been challenging the aspects of business, and email marketing has proved to be a boon now. A survey on the global level states that more than 290 million emails are redirected daily and the numbers are expected to reach 347 billion by the end of 2023.

              In 2021, the targeted email list proves to be a great asset enhancing the networking and growth of the business associated with the companies. The targeted email list plays a dominant role in creating a sequence of business relationships around the globe. Today the world is globally-connected, and to overcome the competition we need to have robust strategies. Email marketing is one such strategy to reach out to the clientele and win their hearts. 

              Email marketing is growing bigger and better in this hyper-competitive world and creating appealing emails helps to boost response rates to the optimum level. The businesses are now focusing on increasing the benchmark as per the reports of 2020


  • The average open rate is 18%
  • The average click-through rate is 2.6%
  • The click to open rate is 14.1%
  • The average unsubscribe rate is 0.1%

The rapid growth of email marketing has manifested that it delivers a return of over $40 for every $1 invested and shortly the numbers will increase. This equation of investment and returns probably adduces the road to ROI. The factors that have boosted the response are


  • Accessibility: The email has been a great medium to access the decision-makers and keep the bond professionally personal. The access helps in lead generation and to turn the potential customers into buyers. 
  • Affordability: With a minimum investment we can expect maximum ROI. This is a good option for the companies assuring maximum output. 
  • Time-saving- It is less time-consuming and within a click, we could reach out to the marketers on a global level. 
  • Informative Email designs- Emails with intriguing templates, graphics, unique subject lines, and information show a 56% opening rate.

The targeted email list brings forward a diverse range of benefits. It is an essential aspect of the growth and management of a business. And now it has become a channel that can deliver high response rates and boosting sales without risking the budget. Let us have an overview of the benefits brought about by email marketing-

  • Owning a database
  • Providing better performance
  • Stimulate action
  • Retains customers and stay engaged
  • Tug in website traffic

Email Marketing has immensely prospered in due course of time. In the megalomaniac world filled with uncertainty staying agile is the only option. To fare better, what could be better other than acceptance. For good results in the eons to come, we should focus on the objectives below-

  • Engross in better deliverability
  • Improve the use of technologies and use automation and AI
  • Ensure that the subscribers are always the prime concern.

Since the targeted email lists perform a significant role, fostering the bond is a great responsibility for the companies. They have to work on keeping the bond intact. Securing a place in the inbox, using advanced technologies, personalized experience, and feedback are the prerequisites to explore and build the bond for better opportunities shortly.

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