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Growing Technologies are Transforming the Education Industry
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There is no wonder in the rapid growth of the education market. Within a short period, the educational industry has undergone significant changes that made education more accessible and effortless. The latest technologies like robotics, AI, AR, big data, and blockchain have an influential change in the education sector. Hence, undoubtedly we can say these technologies are the next big thing in education. The applications of technologies in higher education enable the students to learn complicated lessons effortlessly and, educators no need to put extra effort to teach these lessons to the students. Robotics helps educators to design and create efficacious learning strategies. Similarly, artificial intelligence and augmented reality also benefit educators and students to a greater extension.


These are a few technologies that benefit higher education: 


Internet of Things


Blackboards and chalk pieces are not enough to teach today's students. IoT enabled devices won the classrooms, interactive whiteboards, attendance tracking system, IoT enabled security systems are a few technologies that are reducing the human efforts tremendously in the educational institutions. An internet connection and devices like phones, tablets, and computers can enable effective communication between students and professors. Moreover, millions of e-books are available online; the students can make use of these to gain additional knowledge. 


AI and Machine Learning


Earlier, teaching various theories and three-dimension concepts is a real struggle for the educators and, it is a big deal for the students to understand it thoroughly. Now, artificial intelligence makes it effortless for the students and professors. The automated algorithm enables the professors to check the assignments. AI plagiarism checker and AI writing assistance or writing apps are helping the students with research works. Machine learning enables customization; it improves the quality of education. 




Robotics is changing the teaching-learning methods to a great extend. Educational institutions can design and create a more flexible and accessible teaching-learning system with the assistance of robotics. It benefits all the students, but more beneficial for the students with physical, emotional, sensory, and intellectual impairments. 


Global Educational Market


Education market witnesses miraculous growth in the coming years. It is expected to reach a CAGR of 23.67% by 2026. Many factors are influencing the growth of the education market, mainly the arrival of advanced technology has changed the conventional method of education. It is prime time for the marketers to plan the strategies to take the education market. A SWOT analysis could bring visible changes to your marketing plans.

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