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Roadside Assistance
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Roadside Assistance
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Roadside services include many services, the following are some of them: Lockouts, JumpStarts, Gas Delivery, TireChange & Fluids Delivery


Never the thing you want to happen, lockouts are when you have locked your keys inside your vehicle. From luxury to baseline, Bugatti to Toyota, Seattle Towing can unlock anything. There is never a time of day that we are not able to accept your call -- when this unfortunate situation happens, give us a call and we will happily assist you. 

A skill we learned over the many years of driving tow trucks, at the beginning we noticed something about the standard of performing lockouts in the towing industry -- there is little training provided to truck drivers and most drivers have to use their own lockout kits, which is limiting. And, believe it or not, this is one of the riskiest jobs. But, changing the game and upping the industry-standard anty, Seattle Towing provides the best and most advanced tools to our team. Insisting that our drivers learn, practice, repeat, and repeat -- our team is prepared to tackle this service with utter excellence.  

In times when you are leaving a late dinner, in the grocery store parking lot, or more, we will be there to get you back into your car. Offering you service as soon as we can, we recommend calling us right away once realizing you are locked out. 

Jump Starts 

Jumpstarts, a classic tow company service -- Seattle Towing is always ready to give your car the power boost it needs. We are on call 24/7 so you never have to worry about being stranded. 

Actually, a service that many car owners can do without our help -- we must remind you that owners of Avantador or hybrid cars should never do this alone -- we find that this service is most valuable for those who do not have cables readily available or another running car to help them out. When in need of our help, once on the scene, our trained truck driver will have your car battery going in no time. We will simply hook our cables up to our batter and then to yours and give you a jump! 

No matter the situation, from lights left on to needing a new battery, Seattle Towing is your trusted company to call. From knowledgeable staff to new equipment, the job of giving your car a jump start is one we will confidently take on. 

Gas Delivery

Don’t worry, this happens to the best of us. And, when you run out of gas -- Seattle Towing is there to save the day. No matter where, what time it is, or the type of gas you need, we will bring it to you. 

We have all been there, driving down the road happily minding your own business. Then, suddenly you notice your vehicle is on empty and you know there is no gas station close by. You drive as far as you can in a desperate search, but soon you run out of gas. Walking to the nearest gas station is too far and getting a lift just won’t work. Instead, you can call us and we will bring you enough gas, of any kind, to get you to the nearest station. 

You can drive with a little more confidence knowing you will never be a road without any way to get gas. Seattle Towing makes delivering gas to you simple and headache-free. 


Tire Change 

Often thought to be a service that every car owner should be able to do -- we at Seattle Towing believe and know through experience, that performing a tire change isn’t always the easiest job. Instead of struggling with jacks, bolts, putting on the spare yourself, we suggest you let the experts handle it. 

Maybe you find yourself on the side of a busy four-lane highway at rush hour or pulling out of church on a Sunday morning -- regardless of the time or place, changing a tire means getting under, around, and below a lifted car. Which can be dangerous as well as hard for those with injury. As many cars are equipped with the tools needed to do this service, when you give us a call we will send one of our highly skilled drivers to you for examination of the situation and a quick tire change. At the time of service, they will either use the tools in your car or use the tools we have on our truck. 

When you have a flat, Seattle Towing will do whatever we can to take care of changing your tire and getting you on your way. A job that we have performed hundreds, if not thousands of times, let us take the frustration out of a flat tire event. 

Fluid Delivery 

Fluid delivery is a lifesaver service that is designed to keep vehicles on the road and running up to speed. With little to no limitations on delivery of fluid type and quantity, Seattle Towing suggests that you give us a call -- at any time of day or night -- with your service request.  

Part of our mission is to ensure that our customers have working and reliable vehicles. With an understanding that you may not always know what fluids your car may need or when -- we are able to deliver to you DEF, power steering oil, engine oil, antifreeze, transmission oil, and even bigger amounts of diesel for bigger trucks. 

We work hard to be able to deliver the fluids you need as well as provide you with experienced tow truck drivers that can help with applying the fluids when possible. Available 24/7 to accept your service request, in the times when you find your vehicle is low on vital fluids, call us for a delivery that you can rely on.  

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